OnePartyPool is set to disrupt the sharing economy with amazing experiences for a fraction of the price. One of our core beliefs is we can enjoy better quality of service by paying less for recreational activities, everyday services by pooling together with others.

OnePartyPool makes it easy, stress-free and fun to share experiences with friend and strangers, its an awesome opportunity to get the most from your money

Best Deals 
From top clubs, restaurants and bars

OnePartypool strives to get some of the best deals in your city with perks of up to 50% off on food and drinks, ability to pay a fraction of the cost for bottle service and more, All entry fees waived for some of the hottest spots all from the OnePartyPool App 

No Hassle Parties
For Private events and get together

Easily create a private pool on the App, pick an awesome deal from top spots in the city and get your friends to contribute their payments from their mobile phones. No cumbersome bill splitting at the event, no surprises, enjoy discounts on your purchases

Share and Meet new people
Interact with new friends 

Connect awesome new people, share the fun and experience.

Earn Points
Get rewarded while you save

Earn points, you can redeem on some of the most exclusive offers.